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Latest trend is mobility & 24x7 accessibility, which help you to manage information & data from anywhere with mobile devices as Smartphone & tablets. Facebook has already predicted the future of mobile, and mobile phones are gradually becoming integral part of our life to connect with world virtually by few touches & clicks.

Let’s check how most business & sales comes through mobile in near future

More searches through Smartphone

Smartphone becomes more affordable, and every user can afford phones easily. As increases of more mobile phone users that definitely increases more search for their favorite brands and channels through their phones due to mobility. Search engines are giving more importance to mobile design & mobile seo to provide more accurate and more relevant results. So every business should improve user interface of their website for mobile users to have better ranking and better conversion.

User prefer apps for their favorite social media

Your favorite social media easily accessible through mobile apps, and app gives instant notifications when new things is available from your friends and brands, mean your brand is connected 24x7 with your fans and customers. So, it's requires to optimize you social media marketing strategy.

Messengers become word of mouth marketing platform

Whatsapp, SnapChat, Viber and Facebook Messenger are most popular and most used messengers, which connects you with your friends easily, and you can share messages & files instantly without any complexity. It becomes new word of mouth marketing platform, you should optimize the contents for your users by creating interesting memes, short videos and interesting contents, and users love to share those contents among their groups. Here is viral and most circulated image of whatsapp's new feature.


You should improve & evolve current marketing & promotion strategy to get more benefits by engaging customers and fans from mobile.