Infographic: Understanding Mobile Viewability (Mobile Ads Life Cycle)

Let’s check how our ads work on mobile devices by understanding mobile viewability (Life Cycle of Mobile Ads)

3 common mistakes must be avoided for mobile website

Now days, search engines are giving more importance to mobile friendly user interface of websites to rank website because searches are increasing day by day through mobile devices (eg. Tablets, Smartphone, etc.), and search engines want to give more accurate & relevant results to their mobile phone users.

Search engines considered mobile phones as best platform/medium for users to access information from anywhere means it provides mobility. And, everyone is building responsive design & mobile websites to give better experience to their users.

Let’s come to the point that what are 3 common mobile seo mistakes we are doing while building & developing mobile website.

1. Load Contents Slowly

Today, all users love to access website through their mobile devices due to their hectic schedule, if they found website is taking some time to load contents then they easily abandon website which mean increase bounce rate, that’s not good news for any website because they lose conversion and business.
So, it important to use minify codes (CSS/HTML/JS) and optimized images which improves load time and improves user experience. That’s search engines expect from your website, and increases search ranking of your website.
You can review the page speeds of your website from Google PageSpeed Insights.

2. Different layout for each device

Second and very common mistake is that you have designed separate mobile websites for each device that does not provide consistence experience to users. It’s requires to create separate URL for each device to deliver specific layout, and which ultimately increases your web development & maintenance costs.

By making responsive layout design, website will have single URL, it will provide top-notch consistence experience to users, and user will easily remember the URL of website.

3. Not optimized for users

Third mistake is that mobile website are not optimized well for users which increase confusion among users that where to go next and how the navigation are working. Website flow is very important to drive users to targeted pages, which leads more conversion.  

Let’s avoid these common mistakes for better user experience and search ranking.

Best android applications for day to day life

best android applications for day to day life

Let’s check out these best 13 Android apps

1.       Truecaller - Caller ID & Block

Why should I use: It gives accurate information of spam numbers and you can easily block them. Suggest the numbers of your numbers of friends.

2.       WhatsApp Messenger

Why should I use: One of best messenger which automatically fetch contacts from phone book and connect you to your friends, and you can easily share file, chat one-on-one, make group chat.

3.       Messenger

Why should I use: Facebook Messenger helps you to connect with your all Facebook friends. It’s best alternative to WhatsApp Messenger.

4.       UC Browser for Android

Why should I use: It gives best experience of Searching, Browsing, Downloading, Video, Gaming, Shopping and Social Sharing experience at the fastest speed. It’s best alternative to Google chrome.

5.       Instagram

Why should I use: Capture & share your best moment as photo with world. You can able to view & share your friends’ and family members’ pictures/photos as well. Best app to share your pictures.

6.       Skype - free IM & video calls

Why should I use: It very popular among business professionals to connect with their associates and clients, and you can easily chat and share files. The best thing of this app is that it's mobile version very popular desktop messenger

7.       PicsArt Photo Studio

Why should I use: It helps you to make your own photo studio to edit pictures with various effects.

8.       MX Player

Why should I use: Best video player which accelerate hardware & software, multi-core decoding, great sub-title gesture and play various video format files.

9.      360 Security - Antivirus Boost

Why should I use: It optimizes, boost & protect your phone by removing cache data, junk files and unused applications/files.

10.   Viber

Why should I use: You can make free phone & video call, all over world. You can also share photos/videos and chat with your friends.

11.   SHAREit

Why should I use: It helps you to transfer & to share photos, apps and more across devices…without network charges or Wi-Fi connection.

12.   Flipboard: Your News Magazine

Why should I use: its personal magazine where you can follow topics, and create & share your own Magazine.

13.   Evernote

Why should I use: You can easily manage works from anywhere, either using Smartphone or tablet or desktop/laptop.

I would like to recommend one more app which helps you to manage contact & call history, that’s ContactOpus

I hope this list may help you to install suitable app to your phone. Thanking you!

Step by Step Guide to install WordPress on your server

Website development becomes very easy with WordPress; using WordPress you can easily setup small professional website & blog website. To setup & configure WordPress, you must have hosting server and domain name (eg. for your website. There are plenty of good hosting providers and you can purchase any packages based on website’s requirements. At the starting phase your website doesn’t require more web space so it advisable to go with shared hosting at initial stage, and you can easily switch the hosting packages when your website have good traffic & good rush. 

List of few hosting providers are

You can find full list of hosting providers at

Now, you have hosting server and domain name which going to be used for WordPress website. Here, we will go through manual wordpress installation.

Let’s do installation step by step

1. Download Latest Version of WordPress

It requires downloading of latest version of WordPress for your website, which you can download from It’s advisable to go with latest version only which has more features and functionality than previous version.

2. Create Database & User from cpanel

As WordPress is content management framework, and developed using PHP (programming language) & MySQL (Database). Every WordPress website must have database which manage contents of posts, pages, etc. and for that you need to create database from “database section” of cpanel. You need to go to “MySQL Database” for creating new database


After creating database, you need to create new user which use to access database for adding, updating and deleting contents.

From “Add user to Database” section, assign users to database that you are going to use. 


3. Update config.php file

Now, you have created database and assign users to database from cpanel. But the question is that how WordPress access database for managing contents and it manage through config.php file. WordPress comes with file name called config-sample.php that we need copy and rename it to config.php. After renaming file, you need to define details of database name, user name & password.


There other setting but it not necessary for now.

4. Upload source WordPress using FTP Client

After completing all the process, it times to upload source code to server which we can easily manage with FTP clients; it’s easy to upload source code using FTP clients.

you can review FTP clients at, and download & use suitable one.

5. Install WordPress

Now, go to URL of website ( or sub-domain ( or sub-folder (, and will run installation script where you need to provide details as name of website, username and password to access back-end.

I hope this will help you to setup WordPress on your server. We will check and go through WordPress configuration & customization later on. 

3 helpful tactics need to be used for your website in 2015

Website will generate more business & revenue if it has great targeted traffic & website visits, and it requires to retain and maintain same flow of traffic to website for future business and more revenue.  

I am using many techniques to drive targeted audience to website which are very effective to my clients' website, and would like share these important tactics so you can improve your business with more traffic & conversions. These techniques are 

1. Invests more on traffic generation source

According to Pareto principle of 80-20 rule; 80% output come through 20% efforts. Same implies here in digital marketing, where you need to invest more on best traffic generation sources & medium, so we can design & improve strategies for that specific medium to generate more traffic. We can easily get reports through Google Anlytics, from where you will find
User flow of each pages website

Based on user flow you can optimized & improve most visited pages for better conversions & more leads.
Source / Medium of website traffic
It helps to identify source and medium which driving most traffic, and accordingly you can improve strategy for traffic generation.

2. Build mobile friendly User Interface(website)

Now, Users are spending more time on Smartphone and Tablet due to portability, and visits their favourite websites and brands through mobile phones. Here is images which show that how many visits come through mobile devices for my website

So, it’s very important provide mobile friendly user interface(website) by making website responsive.

3. Use Opt-in forms

Opt-in forms works very well with website to build leads and to retain users for future updates and news. Here is basic opt-in for newsletter.

Opt-in form leads more traffic than normal contact form and normal subscribe button.

Create & share great contents for better traffic and better search engine ranking